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Keep Your Air Con Switched On In Winter
To prolong the life of your air conditioning system, leave it running all year round.

As soon as the autumn days arrive and temperatures start to fall, most people automatically turn their air conditioning off because they believe it will help to warm their vehicle up.

Unfortunately, this misunderstands how air conditioning works, and can end up doing more harm than good.

Air conditioning systems don't just cool air, they can also de-humidify air. This means that on a cold day, your air conditioning system will help to prevent condensation on your windows.

The air conditioning system itself is a sealed, pressurised system. Switching the air conditioning system off causes the system to de-pressurise, which puts additional strain on the seals and components in the system. This can lead to leads leaks and the failure of components.

One down-side of leaving the air conditioning system running during the winter is that it does consume slightly more energy. But in most cars, this won't make much difference to the average motorist.

If your air conditioning system isn't as effective as it should be, or smells when you switch it on/off, just pop down to Direct Services and we'll be delighted to take a look. With our diagnostic equipment we'll be able to tell you exactly how your system is performing, and give you options to improve it if you wish to do so.

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